Jiniba Business Development


We are not better than any other. We use investments, contact networks, employees networks together with Social Media and our own smart methodology to be successfull.


It is a onsite search enginge for e-commerce focused on increasing convertion rates. We like to say that Doofinder is thebest sales person for your e-shop, th eone helping your visitors to make purchases. doofindes is used by more than 3000 ecommerce sites in differnet ciuntries: Spain, Sweden, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, UK etc.

Download our user case in Swedish here

Doofinder Website: www.doofinder.com

Gratis 30 days trial: http://doofinder.com/en/signup

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Eco-Cars is a device that reduces fuel consumption and emissions without any kind of minerals. It has showed results over 4% consumption reduction and 40% when it comes to emissions. It has been installed in more than 13 000 vehicles in more than 10 countries like ermany, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Russia, France , Portugal, UK, USA etc.

Download our whitepaper here

Eco-Management Website: http://eco-mgmt.jiniba.com

Elo-Cars Website: http://eco-cars.jiniba.com

Jiniba Social Media

Jiniba Social Media is a business division working with social media solutions for usage of social media in companies and for optimization of social media campaigns. We work with partners with well proven track record and technology specialized in Deman-Side-Platforms for optimization of Real Time bidding and platforms for Employee Advocacy.

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